Saturday, October 17, 2009

an extra set of hands and a lot of extra love

My little Rufus has someone wrapped around his tiny little finger.

My Aunt Mary Lou, who we affectionately call "Aunt Louie" is just magic around little ones.  All it takes for her to visit us from Atlanta is for Rufus to say, "Aunt Wooooie, will you come for my birf-day?"

Abracadabra, ala-kazam, Aunt Louie is here for a weekend visit.

I love it.

In the past, she has been a help by happily tagging along with whatever little men activities we have going on.  She is a great help and so generous to us.

This year, since she arrived in the heart of our fall colors, we brought her on the chairlift and went to the top of Park City Mountain Resort for a little walk.






Grasshoppers galore were one of the highlights of our mountaintop walk.





The good news is we have TWO fall birthdays, so she was here last month and will be back next week.

I am We are so excited.

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