Sunday, July 26, 2009

hunter, our inventor

I'm thinking about changing Hunter's blog name to "Go-Go Gadget."

I should have seen it coming.  This boy has enjoyed building and construction from before he could talk.

IMG_0609My sister and I often laugh at the time we all went camping when Hunter was just six years old.  This boy found a nasty, dirty, torn up portion of a bandana in the stream by our campsite.

IMG_0611He proceeded to cherish this piece of discarded fabric like it was the finest treasure he had ever laid hands on.

This bandana was made into every head covering he could think of as well as a knapsack, fishing lure, flag, and I can't even remember the many other things he created with this thing that anyone else would call trash.

For a few years now I have called him my "Dumpster Diver" because he is constantly taking trash from my recycling bins and confiscating items that I have deemed garbage.

Example?  Sure, I'm glad you asked.  I present to you Exhibit A:


This is a scuba tank.  A grocery bag, a salsa container and a piece of plastic that I have no idea where it came from is all you need to carry your breathing air on your back.

His plan was to connect a foam pool noodle to the top of the salsa container and wrap it around to his mouth to breathe the air.

Watch out OxyClean, ShamWOW, The Clapper, and the iPhone -  my boy is growing up!


Carrie said...

I wish Noah had one ounce of that creativity. Trash is trash and he can barely find the trash can. What a gift Brendan has and it will be so exciting to see what he does in life.

brian said...

My daughter used to do these kinds of projects all the time when she was little. At one point we had a whole backpack made out of paper that she wore around everywhere. She is 13 now and has traded in inventions for writing. She will spend ours writing in her notebooks!

Your kids are adorable by the way!

Jillienne said...

oops....I commented above but signed in under my husbands account....


Jenni said...

What a cutie!! These are the minds that will grow up and change the world...

Spare Time Designs (Tammy) said...

Glad to find your blog!!!!You are just my find of woman!!!

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