Monday, May 18, 2009

the glass blower


Last year on this day, I told our love story.

Another year has flown by and today my beloved and I are thankful for 12 years of "us."

After getting married young and having a couple of rocky years at the beginning, we entered several years of growing and learning and trying and failing and trying and succeeding and finding our rhythm.

What I realized today, is that we have really entered a great season. It is definitely not without stress, conflict, or situations that highlight our differences.

But it is steady, strong, and full of grace for each other.

Over these years we have both learned a lot and changed for the better. That change has come with a lot of humility and hard work and the desire to always make our marriage better.

And all that change came through various avenues.

Through marriage counselors,
and books
and retreats
and sermons
and good friends who kicked our butts encouraged us to die to our selves.

Through this process, we have both softened. We've removed our heels from the issues that they were digging and dragging in and really worked hard to love each other in the way the other person would hear and feel our love coming through.

Not the way we ourselves would necessarily "hear" love.

It's been a long, hard process for me personally (can't speak for my beloved) because I am such a selfish person who likes to be "all about me."

I mean, it is all about me, isn't it?

But I've learned that a marriage this great takes every day self sacrifice and purposeful care and grace.

Tonight, my beloved sleeps in a bed in a hotel hundreds of miles away from me. We are delaying our anniversary celebration for the weekend, but he sent me a very heartfelt email tonight.

I won't share all the good stuff, but I thought he worded quite well where we are at after a dozen years:

blownglass The best way I can describe it is that we “fit together.” Not in the way a puzzle piece joins seamlessly with another, however more like two pieces of glass that have similar jagged edges and then are melded into one piece with heat and time by the glass blower to make a single piece that, while retaining some of it’s individual, original color and characteristics, has no distinguishable seam.

That is, a single piece of glass that has been tested and worked by the glass maker to create a piece that works together while looking different from most, if not all the other pieces of glass in the world.

I love you Kenyon. You are my Alpha and Omega on this earth.


Natalie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Natallee said...

What a beautiful post! I love the analogy of the glass blower. That is all so true in a marriage. I hope that you guys have a great anniversary when you celebrate this weekend!

Mountain Mama said...

Yes, Laurie... it is all about you! We still haven't forgotten that.

You guys are awesome together. And you make great boys too :)

Happy Anniversary.

Mama Shoe said...

You said it beautifully, all that goes in to make a great marriage. You hubs is great with words too, just like you, I love how he's able to express your oneness in marriage.

Happy anniversary... and the best is still yet to come! love, gracee

Keepin' Up with the Joneses said...

Sorry you had to be apart. Happy Anniversary!!

Candis Daugherty said...

So sweet! Happy Anniversary! So glad you posted and reminded me that my anniversary is only 6 days away. We are BOTH equally bad about remembering our anniversary. Guess there was really no need to "meld" on that issue! ;-) Here's to many more wonderful growing years together!!

Mama Shoe said...

Ok, I just read your love story link. Now I get it, he was a communications major...a-ha! I was so confused how a guy could communicate so beautifully. :)

You are a great match! Happy anniversary (again!)

Amanda Greene said...

So when is Kenyon starting "his" blog...loved the post. You guys do compliment each other so well..can you believe it's been 12 years? Can't wait to hear about the his colors...can I shop for him too? :)

Carrie said...

So honored to have known you from pre wedding days. Your marriage is an encouragement and an example to me. Love you both and will always think you have one of the funniest hubbies around.

Kristin said...

you mean it ISN'T all about me? he he
anyway, remember your day well. happy belated anniversary friend!
love ya!

Kathy said...

Happy anniversary sweet lady..

What a great story...

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