Friday, April 24, 2009

Dublin baby!

Well, after a LONG day and night of traveling, we have made it to our destination! I am sitting in my hotel room in Dublin and am posting BEFORE bathing (which really shows my priorities).

Boys - we miss you!!! Someday we hope to come back to this side of the Atlantic Ocean with you!
Here's a brief view of our trip so far...
We started off with the world's worst pizza. After scrambling around Thursday morning packing last minute things and dropping off children to their temporary homes, we realized that we had not eaten yet that day.
Hence, a stop in the Salt Lake Airport to grab a slice of cardboard disguised as pizza. After a couple of bites, I wasn't that hungry anymore.
We then got on the plane destined for Atlanta. There are about 40 people traveling in our group, however, not one of them are experienced travelers like my beloved. He called the airlines shortly after the group tickets were booked and swooned his way into the heart of the agent to move us to what we lovingly refer to as "elite coach" seats.
Exit row baby! Exit row. Yes, we look tired already. This photo is on our second flight, leaving for Dublin. We had over two hours of delays sitting in Atlanta due to major thunder and lightning storms.
After a movie, a glass of wine, an Ambien, and five hours of sleep, this is what I woke up to.

Then we boarded a bus in Dublin. Off for a wet, rainy, city tour.

Here's a view of the Georgian architecture of Dublin. And the rain...

We also visited Trinity College and Kenyon already started his plans to send one of the boys to study here. The library there has the original copy of the Book of Kells, which my Hunter and I studied this year in our homeschool curriculum. In the eighth and ninth century monks were hand copying the gospels onto animal skin and today we got to see one of those original copies. They are held in this enormous library full of historical books, and unfortunately, there is no photography allowed - except when you "accidentally" click a photo or two without anyone noticing. Here is the best one. You can't tell, but it was jaw-dropping gorgeous.

My beloved is sacked out on the bed and I need to get in a hot bath before we brave the rainy streets again to find some dinner.

I'll post more tomorrow!


Mountains, snow and sweet little toes said...

Looks like fun! You look great in your coat - it's so your color! Your boys are great!!! Squirt is happy and only fusses if Truman gets too close. Truman is starting to get it. We are off to get some ice cream and go to the park!

dogfather said...

Enjoy the cultural experience!!! You guys look fantastic. I am sure the kids will miss you eventually!

Kristin said...

oh tons, it looks like you are really enjoying yourself - i'm glad you get to do this. i'm sure your boys will be's good for all of you. and i love how you "accidently" took a picture. thanks for that!

Carrie said...

Ok, Book of Kells??? Missed that lesson? and the rain, #1 reason I haven't rushed over to Ireland but you do look SO happy to be there. What memories you and Kenyon are making, making any babies? or should I not write that on your blog? Let me know?? Ha, Ha!! Keep the updates a comin',

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