Monday, February 23, 2009


My close friend asked me if I could come over on Sunday afternoon to watch her kids for a couple of hours while she and her husband went to a memorial service.

I was happy to help and brought my two older boys along to play with her older kids.

Knowing she hates laundry, I folded all the clean laundry I could find while she was gone.

Knowing I hate to cook, she surprised me with my favorite casserole to take home and pop in the oven for dinner.

Now, that's friendship for you!


Anonymous said...

what a great friendship!

i'm a laundry-hater, myself. i love to cook, but my entrees are mostly limited at this point to things that i think have some chance of being ingested by my children. not as much fun.

Mama Shoe said...

You are a great friend!! I would love to have you over, except I would have to order take-out for you to take home. =)

Mountain Mama said...

Could you come "watch" my kids?

Natalie said...

Good grief, was it Erin? That girl has more unfolded laundry than anyone I know!

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