Saturday, March 15, 2008


Well, at least today everything was frontwards, but he came downstairs saying, "Dad, my shirt is not working!!!" I wonder why upside-down-boy!


Anonymous said...

Don't torture the poor child, just turn it right side up!!!
Love, Grandma Jellybean

Anonymous said...

This backward and upside down reflects the boy's future. In a weightless enviornment direction doesn't seem to matter much.
I predict that Master Andrew will be a "Rocket Boy" and blast off into space to explore new worlds.
Poppie Bob

Mountain Mama said...

Classic! I think the boy is better off being backwards. Too cute!

Go Fisch said...

God bless him!

Natalie said...

We need an update. What happened next with his clothes? Has he maybe stopped wearing them entirely?

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